Benefits of using the Walvis Bay Corridor Group

PORT OF WALVIS BAY: Another key advantage to using the Walvis Bay Corridors.

The core benefits to our customers for using the Walvis Bay Corridors are:

  • time savings;
  • cost savings;
  • high safety and security standards, and
  • the reliability of the Walvis Bay Corridor Group systems.

These core benefits are enabled through:

  • minimal sea-borne transit times from the Port of Walvis Bay;
  • no port delays due to congestion or weather conditions;
  • fast and efficient inland transit operations, resulting in considerable time;
  • savings of at least a week due to shorter transit times;
  • competitive pricing structures;
  • high safety and security standards ensured through container satellite tracking systems and port security surveillance cameras;
  • a record of zero pilferage at Namport, and
  • improved capacity at the ports, and road and rail maintenance - resulting in modern and first-class transport infrastructure, in turn ensuring reliability and  predictability of cargo deliveries.

Another key advantage to using the Walvis Bay Corridors is their strategic geographical location on the west coast of southern Africa. The Port of Walvis Bay is a fully equipped hub port supported by a network of well-maintained tarred roads and a railway system that extends across Namibia and into neighbouring countries. These networks facilitate trade not only between the SADC region and Europe, but also increasingly with the Americas and the Far East.

The national benefits of developing and maintaining the Walvis Bay Corridors include:

  • optimal public investment in the transport infrastructure;
  • increased business opportunities for the transport and service industry, and
  • the knock-on effect that increased business has on the trade, manufacturing and finance sectors and overall economic development in the SADC region.

Regionally, the Walvis Bay Corridors stimulate the economy by increasing the global competitiveness of both Namibia and its neighbouring countries. Importing becomes more affordable, while exports have efficient and affordable access to foreign markets. Increased use of the infrastructure also contributes to the efficiency of the transport system, optimises the use of the existing transport network, and reduces costs.

The advantages of the Walvis Bay Corridor Group are that it:

  • serves as a single service point for clients;
  • offers a service and facilitation centre for potential partners and customers;
  • offers multimodal services;
  • coordinates regional support to ensure the seamless flow of trade across borders by establishing regional committees and bodies, and
  • facilitates the provision of a well-maintained road and rail infrastructure.


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