Port of Luderitz


The Port of Lüderitz was used mainly by the fishing industry, but has seen increasing activity from the mining sector since 2004. The main strategic focus for this Port is to cater to the needs of the fishing industry, the offshore diamond industries, offshore oil exploration, and the mining sector, together with its supporting industries and services. The Skorpion Zinc Mine has impacted on the business of the Port over recent years, causing mining exports to surpass those of fishing. This Port has also become increasingly important for the agricultural sector, with the potential of grapes being exported from Aussenkehr in southern Namibia and the Northern Cape Province in South Africa.

This export and import potential in SADC is supported by the Trans-Oranje Corridor, which, by way of a road-and-rail network, links the Port of Lüderitz with the rest of Namibia as well as with the Northern Cape Province in South Africa.


Key benefits of using the Port of Lüderitz:

  • the Port’s strategic location makes it an important base for the fishing, mining, and offshore diamond mining industries
  • the Port is also an essential shore base for oil and gas drilling operations off the southern coast
  • excellent logistical services and links to other towns in Namibia and South Africa are offered
  • the Port develops its infrastructure to suit its clients’ needs
  • a 500-m quay provides cargo handling and container facilities for imports and exports, while a mobile harbour crane can handle containers and break-bulk cargo of up to 64 tonnes, and
  • two additional 25-tonne Grove mobile cranes deal with smaller volumes of break-bulk cargo at the 500-m quay.


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