The WBCG is one of the few success stories of Public Private Partnership (PPP) entities that are functioning effectively in Namibia & SADC. The WBCGs unique compilation of Private and Public stakeholders provides it with a distinct advantage which is successfully illustrated in various Corridor management programs and through its role as marketing and developing agency for Namibias Transport Sector.


As the Logistics Hub is also based on similar principles of public private sector cooperation, the proven institutional efficiency will be to the benefit of the Logistics Hub development process.


The role of the Ministry of Works & Transport alongside the WBCG will ensure that the future Logistics Hub development process will transpire under the auspices of and with the direct involvement of the National Planning Commission. Once completed, the WBCG together with the support of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, will determine suitable arrangements on how best to promote and implement the Logistics Hub Plan.


With established branch offices in Zambia, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo and Brazil, the WBCGs footprint can strengthen our role as marketing and developing agency to grow the development of the Logistics Hub. The WBCG has also established a very good relationship and network with Namibian Embassies. The commercial representatives, based at these Embassies will form an essential part of promoting the Logistics Hub to the international world.