Why join?


The WBCG offers the following services:

Business Development & Marketing

The WBCG serves as the marketing agency on behalf of all its private and public stakeholders to promote the Port of Walvis Bay through the Walvis Bay Corridors as an entry/exit point to and from the SADC region.


The Trans Kalahari Corridor (TKC), the Trans Caprivi Corridor (TCC) and the Trans Cunene Corridor (TCuC), through the Port of Walvis Bay, are promoted through various means including:

  • Regular updates on the Corridor development;
  • The electronic newsletter, the e-Corridor;
  • Representation of the WBCG at regional and international trade fairs;
  • Advertorials in regional and international publications;
  • Editorials in national, regional and international media;
  • Personal selling through the branch offices in South Africa and Zambia;
  • Other promotional activities in the SADC and international market;
  • Promoting best practise at regional and international forums.



The WBCG serves as a facilitator in terms of receiving logistics enquiries from potential importers/exporters who wants to utilize the Walvis Bay Corridors.


Members form part of national, regional and international stakeholder information forums.


Cross Border Facilitation

The WBCG cooperates with the border agencies and other relevant government authorities, nationally and in the region to improve efficiency at borders and along the Walvis Bay Corridors.


The WBCG currently hosts the Trans Kalahari Corridor Secretariat (TKCS), which is a partnership between Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. The TKCS is mandated to oversee the operational issues along the Trans Kalahari Corridor, to ensure the smooth flow of cargo.


The Trans Caprivi Corridor (TCC) Cluster, which is a partnership between Namibia and Zambia is also hosted by the WBCG. The TCC Cluster is mandated to oversee the operational issues along the Trans Caprivi Corridor, to ensure the smooth flow of cargo. This forum has been extended into a tri-lateral arrangement which includes the Democratic Republic of the Congo and will be named the Walvis Bay-Ndola-Lubumbashi Corridor Management Committee.


 The WBCG, through the support of SADC and the USAID Trade Hub is in the process of establishing a Trans Cunene transport forum between Angola and Namibia to improve efficiency along the TransCunene Corridor.

Promoting infrastructural developments along the Walvis Bay Corridors

The WBCG focus on maintaining existing infrastructure and developing additional infrastructure for the medium to long term which is required for long term growth and overall corridor development.


The WBCG has a portfolio for Projects and Funding to identify, formulate and manage corridor projects and to mobilize international support and funding.


Members have access to project information as well as transport and trade information.

Other Support Services

Promoting Safe Corridors and Transport Security under the Safe Trade and Transport Corridor Programme aimed at improving road safety and transport security along the Walvis Bay Corridors.


The WBCG HIV/AIDS Help Desk aims to address HIV/AIDS issues within the transport sector and support the implementation of comprehensive workplace programmes within group companies, thereby preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and contributing to reduced infection rates.


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